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Victor Negrescu: Two- or multi-speed Europe is a dangerous idea

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Europe needs a plan for its future but it should be proposed by a new Commission president, writes MEP Victor Negrescu.

MEP Victor Negrescu (S&D group) is vice-president of the Romanian Social Democratic Party.

European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker’s five scenarios for a post-Brexit EU have rightfully caused quite a stir in the past days, for bringing to the table options that can substantially alter European cohesion.

Ideas such as Europe becoming ’’nothing but the single market’’ completely defeat the aim of the European project, which stands for much more than the economic benefit of the member states. But an even more dangerous scenario is the idea of a two or multiple speed Europe.

Multi-speed Europe is undoubtedly a key issue that we must tackle wisely, and not use Brexit as the supposed opportunity in crisis. The truth is there is more peril than opportunity when trying to create two engines in an allegedly United Europe.

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